Hanger Nipples. Otherwise known as "Shoulder Nipples". I can't stand them. The way they poke out like that... drives me crazy! You DO know what I'm talking about, right?


I thought I had invented the term, but according to google, I didn't. It's no wonder they have the name that they do, because well, they look like nipples.

My advice around hanger nipples is two-pronged...



The bottom line here is this... knits don't belong on hangers. They belong folded up on a shelf or in a drawer.

(In case you don't know, a knit is a textile that results from, well, knitting, like a t-shirt, tank top, sweater or sweatshirt. You can detect a knit by it's stretchability. If it's stretches when you yank on it, it's probably a knit.)

This is how I created the hanger nipples seen above. A few days on this hanger and BOOM. Hanger Nipples. If I had used a metal/wire hanger, the results would be 100 times worse! (Don't do that.)

When you hang a knit garment, it stretches. Not only can you end up with a serious and unsightly case of Hanger Nipple, but the piece itself can actually lose its shape and become droopy if left on the hanger for too long.

All of your sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, knit-dresses-with-sleeves and hoodies belong folded, in a drawer or on a shelf. They SHOULD NOT be hanging in your closet.


Hanger Nipples are easy to get rid of, so don't panic. Just machine or hand-wash the piece in question, dry it (either on the line, laying flat, or in the dryer) and then fold.

If you find yourself out in public with Hanger Nipples, or spot a friend with Hanger Nipples, all you need is a little bit of water to tame the protrusion. Wet your fingers, and massage the nipple with your fingers until the nipple subsides.  It won't go away completely, but you can at least tame the beast until the garment can be washed and reshaped.

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Don't wait until fall is officially upon us to inspect your knits for nipples. If you have any cardigans or long sleeved knit dresses on hangers, remedy the situation NOW so you're ready for the inevitable dip in temperatures.

And do me a favor, leave a comment letting me know how many cases of Hanger Nipple you have hanging in your closet.  I'm curious to know the extent of the nipple-demic.  ;)

xo Stasia

PS. Now that you know what Hanger Nipples are, you'll notice them EVERYWHERE!