#stylebymychild TURNS ONE!!

Hello! It just occurred to me that Raisa (my daughter) and I have been doing #styledbymychild on Instagram + Facebook for OVER A YEAR!!

That's right, for ONE WHOLE YEAR I have allowed Raisa free reign of my closet EVERY SINGLE MONDAY, to pick out my ENTIRE outfit, without a peep of rejection or resistance from me.

I used to think I had a pretty good handle on my closet... until #stylebymychild came along. In the past year, I've learned MORE about my body, my closet, my limiting beliefs, and my emotional attachment to STUFF than I would have EVER anticipated.

Imagine for a minute, giving YOUR child free reign of your closet, telling them their only task was to MAKE MAMA BEAUTIFUL. (No kids? How about your mother/sister/brother/partner/neighbor/BFF.) You sit back and watch, as your babe thoughtfully works his/her way through your clothes, shoes and accessories and picks out...

Wait. Let's STOP here for a minute, because I want to know what you're thinking.

A) Being #styledbymychild sounds like a GREAT IDEA, Stasia.  I'm totally going to do this!! B) Are you bananas? Hell no. NO WAY. Never.

I'm guessing that B (for BANANAS) is the resounding winner.

Which is precisely WHY I'm going to share with you the lessons I've learned in the past year that have made it ALL WORTH IT, because it hasn't ALL been pretty!

LESSON ONE. It's ok to LET GO of guilt.

Why in HECK do we have things in our closets that we don't like, want or need? You know... the orange blazer with the baggy boobie darts. The gold dress that is a static-cling-nightmare no matter how many times you try too de-static that thing. The black shoes that pinch your toes with every single step. The orange tights that you really really REALLY don't like but keep putting back in your damn drawer!!!


(Note the orange blazer with the baggie darts, the static-cling gold dress, the black shoes, and the orange tights! This is real life, yo.)

The answer... 50 SHADES OF freakin' GUILT.

"I SHOULD like it. I mean, I like it in my mind so I SHOULD just be happy with it, right?" "But it was expensive." "It was a gift." "I've gained so much weight, nothing else fits. I don't deserve to buy anything new." "My body is too short/tall, skinny/fat, wide/narrow." "It fits so I feel like I SHOULD like it."

I could write a blog post called 50 Shades of Guilt... because seriously, I have heard (and USED) at least 50 guilt ridden reasons why we hold on to stuff we don't like, want or need.

It's almost like there is a part of Raisa that is intuitively drawn to the stuff that I like the least. I moaned my way through those orange tights at least six times before I finally learned the lesson and let those things go, because "I SHOULD like them" has no place in my closet.

And it has no place in your closet either.

Pay attention to the rhetoric inside your head when you get dressed. If it's laced with 50 Shades of Guilt, listen to it, learn from it, and then let that shit go.

LESSON TWO.  It's OK to go a little wild.

I've worn some pretty wild closet concoctions in the past year! Things I would have NEVER worn in public otherwise...


And it's been AWESOME!

Being #styledbymychild has taught me that it's OK to push my own boundaries. To step outside of safety. To live on the edge!

It has helped me EXPAND and become MORE of myself.

When you step outside of your zone of safety, you will undoubtedly find a place that EXHILARATES and THRILLS. A place you might never have found without that little nudge.


For some reason, we think we have to SAVE FANCY.

We think that feeling CONFIDENT, BOLD, CREATIVE, STRONG, and downright GLAMOROUS is something we have to save for special, and that our baseline should be frumpy, uninspiring and plain old boring.


No. WAY!

Being #styledbymychild has given me an excuse to wear my fancy on a Monday, and guess what? Nothing bad happened! In fact, GOOD happened. Because I felt good. And when I feel good I do good.

So now, you might find me being fancy... even on a Wednesday.

Here is what I KNOW to be true: 1. My body is BEAUTIFUL, just the way it is, so if something doesn't fit, I now it's the CLOTHES that are the problem. NOT MY BODY. 2. My clothes MUST be a reflection of who I am on the INSIDE. Just because they fit, does NOT mean they are right for me.

Those TWO THINGS right there, are the foundations of style. You MUST understand how to dress YOUR body and you MUST be able to answer the question WHO AM I AT MY CORE, without reservation.

Style is fluid, NOT static. As you grow, and become more of who you are, your style will inevitably shift. That's why what worked 6 months ago, might not work now. That's why you might think you like something, but realize that it no longer suits you.

Being #styledbymychild keeps me on my toes, but YOU don't need to be #styledbyYOURchild to learn and implement these basic, but very profound, lessons.

That's what Stasia's Style School is for.  ;)

Where are YOU at with style? Do you think your BODY is the problem? Do you know what it means to dress your INSIDE on the OUTSIDE? Why do you struggle?

Leave a comment and tell me your number one hang-up, and I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE to get back to you!

Love, Stasia

My TOP 10 REASONS to be #styledbymychild

Two weeks ago I did the unthinkable! I let my 8 year old daughter choose my ENTIRE outfit without a peep of input from me. No moaning. No groaning. No suggesting this over that. And the results were fantastic! Exhibit 1:



In fact, we had so much fun together (and I LOVED the outfit) we decided to do it the following week!

Exhibit 2:


And this time, we decided to make it a THING! By that I mean, we've turned it into a weekly series on Facebook and Instagram, where every Monday I'll post a pic of the outfit Raisa selected for me, and we'll use the hashtag #stylemeraisa.

AND, because I don't want to hog all the fun (that wouldn't be lady like of me), I'm opening up the THRILL to you, my Thrift Me Pretty gaggle o'gals!

Consider it a challenge.  :)

EVERY MONDAY, I want you to LET GO of your what-am-I-gonna-wear reigns and let your child style you, from head to toe!! I'll get into all the reasons WHY I think it's a damn good idea, but first, I want to make sure that when you participate, you SHOUT IT TO THE CROWD. By that I mean, post a pic of you in your fancy-pants outfit to either Facebook or Instagram (or both!), and use the hashtag #styledbymychild.  Be sure to tag me (@thriftmepretty on Facebook/@stasiasavasuk on Instagram) and let's do this together!!

Hesitating?  Let me convince you WHY it's such a good idea!

My TOP 10 Reasons to be #styledbymychild

1.  Quality Time with Your Kids - in the hurry and flurry of life, it's incredibly important to set aside non-negotiable special mama/child time. Raisa and I look forward to this time together each week, and it's become something we talk about and look forward to all week long. Memories in the making, people!

2. Kid Confidence - imagine the pride your child will feel when you say to them, "Hey babe, I want YOU to choose my outfit tomorrow, because I trust you'll choose something FABULOUS for me!"  I know my daughter takes her task VERY seriously, and the pride she feels when she presents her outfit to me is out of this world. (See Exhibit B for proof of her pride!)  And when I put it on... forgetaboutit.  She LOVES it!!

3. Conversation Starter - you'll undoubtedly receive a few sideways glances when you're walking around town with your kid-designed outfit, which provides you with a GREAT opportunity to engage in friendly, fun conversation with friends AND strangers!  I've loved the conversations I've had with folks since starting this project with Raisa, so I speak from experience!

4. Be Wildly Courageous - one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and your little) is the gift of courage. WILD, FREE, WHOLE-HEARTED COURAGE. Being courageous takes practice, and this is a great opportunity to practice being wildly courageous!

5. Inspire Others - courage is something we need to be reminded to practice on a daily basis. Just think... you could be THAT PERSON that inspires someone else to live with wild abandon and do something wildly courageous!

6. Make New Friends - if you join the weekly hashtag, #styledbymychild, you'll meet other mamas who, like you, share similar interests in style and sustainability. I'm incredibly proud to say that the women who follow Thrift Me Pretty are a stewardly group of fashionistas, and getting to know each other will be a HUGE boon to your social life! Just last week I met a gal in real life that I met through a hashtag on Instagram, and we were BFF's within seconds of meeting!

7.Closet Curation - if your closet isn't already curated (as in, culled down to only what you truly love) then this is the perfect exercise to get you to do it. When your little pulls out those jeans you hate because they make your butt look big, or that dress you've been saving for a million years because you paid a lot for it (even though you've hated it since the day you brought it home) - you'll wish it were never in your closet. And after wearing it around all day, I'll bet your desire to GET RID OF IT, FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL will hit a crescendo of importance!

8. Spark Creativity - just when you think you couldn't possibly create something new and fun out of what you already own, your kid will put together a doozy that you would have NEVER thought of. I'm not saying it's something you'd choose for yourself, but it just goes to show that there is ALWAYS another way to wear something by simply changing up the details. Put on a different necklace, change your blouse, wear blue tights instead of black! Get creative with your everyday outfit!

9. Because it's FUN! - plain and simple - it's fun!

10. Help me Grow my Biz - I'm not gonna lie, your participation in my weekly #styledbymychild outfit challenge is a GREAT way for me to reach new people and spread the Thrift Me Pretty vibe! You're my people, and your pals are probably ALSO my people, so helping me extend my reach to more sustainable stylistas is a great boon to me and my growing business!  So thank you.  xo

Tomorrow is the big day, and I do hope to see your pic pop up in my Facebook and Instagram feed!! I'm so excited for tomorrow, I can hardly stand it!

Go on, let your hair down and BE WILDY COURAGEOUS!! xo Stasia

PS. If you don't have any children at home, grab a neighbor kid and let them help you mix things up!! Just another way to build community in your own neighborhood!