Stasia's Style School

Are you ready to WEAR YOUR SHINE?

Stasia's Style School is a 5-week online class and lifelong sisterhood that will teach you how to identify
YOUR own personal and unique style so you can be the BRAVE BOLD BEAUTIFUL woman that you are...

No more headaches. No more heart ache.
No more thinking your body is the problem. 
No more thinking that your outfit is "good enough."
And no more fighting with your closet!


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Week 1

In WEEK ONE, you will create a list of POWER WORDS that best represent the essence of WHO YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE, and you'll use those words as your north star. 

I call it Inside-Out Congruency, and it is the foundation of Style School.

Week 2

We will work to Rename, Reframe + Unshame the way we talk about our bodies!

You will SAY OUT LOUD what you love about your body, then I will teach you my favorite trick of DECORATING, ADORNING, and EMBELLISHING what you LOVE.

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Week 3

In this course, you will learn how to identify YOUR power colors so that you are wearing your colors, and they are not WEARING you! 

You will also learn the very simple major-minor rule of pattern mixing, which I can almost guarantee will revolutionize your wardrobe!  

Week 4

I believe unequivocally that accessories (and a brilliant smile) MAKE the outfit, so we will spend an entire week exploring accessories, and tapping into their power.

We'll talk necklaces, boobies + bras, scarves, boots, etc!

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Week 5

The #1 reason women still struggle with their closets once they've figured out their PERSONAL STYLE , is a messy, cluttered, overstuffed closet. 

I offer up a step by step tutorial on how to curate your closet, using proven strategies that if done correctly, will set the standard for a happy healthy closet for FOREVER!

Cost of Style School: $449 (or two payments of $230)

Now for some Stasia's Style School RAVE REVIEWS!

Before Style School, I wore my daily "uniform"  of a warm shirt, my fav jeans, combat-style boots, and I would always make sure I wore at least one piece from my jewelry line. But now? One piece will never do. I'm wearing my biggest earrings, along with one of my own necklaces layered with some colorful beads, and I'll even thrown a scarf on top of all that to boot. Add several bangles, worn warrior-princess style, and wrap bracelets, a few bold cocktail rings, maybe even a head wrap or cute hat...and wow, do I ever feel like an accessories maven now. Finally, thanks to Stasia and this life-changing class, the adventurous, creative, edgy, imaginative woman I always felt like on the inside, shows on the outside, too!  
Amy Ambroult, Jewelry Designer,  AG Ambroult Elemental Designs 

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Signing up for Style School was a game changer for both my personal style and my business. I came away feeling more comfortable in my skin and more confident about my approach to style; it allowed me to see myself in a way I hadn't before. The best part? Realizing that it was time to stop playing small and start showing up in a bigger way. Style School was an investment in myself, and it was worth every penny.
Marie Greene, Knitwear Designer, Olive Knits

"As a 2-time cancer survivor, I felt ashamed of my body. All I cared about was covering up my scars. My husband told me I'd often hunch over instead of standing tall.  I was bored with my clothes and I rarely felt pretty. I could even go so far as to say that I hated my body and all it put me through. I knew something needed to change, so I treated myself to Style School. And honestly, how can one person change so much in 5 weeks?  Like Stasia says, it's not your body that's EVER the problem - it's the clothes! Curating my closet and shopping for new clothes is so much easier now that I know exactly what works for me. Everything I have now ties into my power words & makes me feel good. My husband told me that I've been standing taller too. I feel pretty again, and strong, and brave, and bold.  This is not a STYLE class, it is a CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MINDSET AND YOUR CONFIDENCE CLASS dressed up as a style class, and I can't say enough good things about it.
Michelle Ward, Business Coach, When I Grow Up Coach

I thought I would get a few tips on what to wear, but I came out of Stasia’s Style School with so much more than which skirt length would be best for me. I now understand why certain clothes and colors look good on me and make me feel fantastic! I know what bra to wear and which earrings to buy and have a laser vision of what’s right for me when I enter a store. Stasia guided us with exercises, style challenges, and a ton of passion to find our own style and go for it. No more hiding for me, it’s time to shine now! I found my own Euro Rocker style and made my closet work for me with the help of Stasia and my Style Sisters. Euro Rocker is now also part of my business branding and is slowly transforming my home too. I am so happy to have found me!
Evi Abeler, Food Photographer, Evi Abeler (and she's MY photographer too!)

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I signed up for Stasia's Style School because I was frustrated by my "uniform" that made it easy to get dressed every day... but was boring me to tears. I was hoping Stasia would just tell me what to wear, but instead I got something a million times better. I learned what REALLY feels great to me, what makes me feel powerful, and what works best on my body. I went from having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, to being able to get dressed easily for any occasion and feel like my best, badass self. Stasia's full of compassion, enthusiasm and insight. She guides you through the weekly lessons masterfully. After SSS I feel more congruent, MORE ME, in every aspect of my life. My relationships are better, even my business is better. If you're tired of wondering what happened to you and your mojo, get yourself to SSS ASAP!
Shannon Wilkinson, Life Coach, Shannon Wilkinson

Since Stasia’s Style School, there has been a complete shift in the way I connect with my own heart and life. I feel a new resolve to live in a way that reflects my truth, not just in fashion, but in everything that I do. I can't believe how "hidden" I had become. The biggest thing I learned from SSS was to stop listening to the negative voices inside my head that say I can’t. This was beyond huge for me. In the past I would have a beautiful outfit ready to wear to an event, but I would inevitably talk myself out of it because I didn't want anybody looking at me, so I'd leave the house dressed in all black. Now when I hear those negative voices, I pause and regroup. Instead of dismantling the outfit, I stick with it, work through the discomfort ,and then go out feeling AMAZING. I feel like ME for the first time. Thank you for giving me the permission to let myself shine!!Lynne Bechard, Videographer (MY videographer, in fact!!)  

One of my style sisters said it best when she wrote me saying, "I remember seeing some of your early photos and wondering what on earth you could gain from Style School, when your style was already so cool and radiant. And then — whoa. Your clothes have gotten a little more amazing, but your face, your energy, your SMILE!" I have gotten my inner light back, and that is worth more than you can imagine.  If you are lucky enough to stumble upon Stasia's Style School, trust that there is a reason and know your beauty is about to shine like you never knew it could before! I will continue to shout your praises from the rooftops, Stasia!! I hope your class attract more women from all over the world and the ripples flow to our children and to the earth for the healing it has patiently been waiting for.
Rose Watson, Artist/Revolutionary

Before Style School, my default clothing choices were all about trying to hide my “problem areas” by dressing in long tops and dark colors, basically trying to be invisible.  After seeing my photos every day in Style School, it was so clear that trying to hide those areas just didn’t work – more often than not it actually emphasized what I was trying to hide!  So, despite my great resistance to it, as a Style School experiment, and in that safe space with the Style Sisters, I gave up trying to hide. It’s been an amazing mental shift to give up dressing from a place of shame and hiding and instead moving into a place of celebrating what I love, and who I am on the inside.  I feel so much brighter and lighter, and more engaged in the world – more confident.  It’s been a much deeper and more meaningful change than I would have ever expected.
Jennifer Gabrius

Five weeks ago my mornings looked like this: wake up, weigh myself… pick clothes depending on that damn number on the scale. Fat jeans on the left, skinny jeans on the right. The number on the scale decided if I would smile, laugh or participate in life. How sad is that?! I let a number make the rules for me each and every day! Here I am five weeks later, and I have no clue how much I weigh. I have learned how to love myself. I have learned that I am enough of a reason to smile because when I look in the mirror, I see someone who is loud, strong, creative, playful and loving... and those five reasons are all the permission I need to smile. Over the years I have paid therapists a lot of money to help me find “the real me”. The funny thing is, they did not even come close to getting me the answers I found in Style School.
Leslie Vera

I LOVED Stasia’s Style School. I loved it so much that it was nearly all I could talk about with my friends for the 5 weeks I was taking it. They must have liked what they saw because at least 5 of them signed up and took the class right after me! I joined Style School because I had a pretty good idea that how I was dressing was not helping me in my intention to lead a confident and kick-ass life. But I didn’t know where to start. I hated shopping and I didn’t have much of a clothing budget. And as much as I wanted to hold my head high and be confident, a part of me was also scared of being seen. In Style School I learned that living a hold-my-head-high life can be as simple as setting my intention when I get dressed; I learned how little money it can take to feel better about my wardrobe; and most of all I learned that when I get dressed in a way that honors and is true to who I am — fierce, irreverent, tender, brave and strong — I also honor you.
Heidi Fischbach, Massage Therapist/Anxiety Tamer, Heidi's Table

What an eye-opener, literally! I learned so many useful concepts in Stasia’s Style School it blew my mind. The course changed my dressing habits of course, but it also gave me a whole new perspective on myself, fashion and style. I thought I knew how to dress, but I mostly wore my usual default uniform – sweatpants and tees. I got frustrated because I was buying clothes and not wearing them. They either didn’t look good when I brought them home, or I didn’t know how to properly accessorize them to give them the type of personality and edge that felt right to me. Stasia has a very original, intuitive and intelligent take on women and style, and how we present ourselves to the world. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to save a ton of money by avoiding buying the wrong clothes, or wanting a creative approach to developing a personal style. I wish I had taken this course many years ago, but better now than later!
Nancy Reyner, Artist/Painter, Nancy Reyner

Style School helped me find my mojo again!  Before Style School I was spending a lot of time worrying about how to cover up my ever-expanding belly and bottom and trying to figure out how to hide from the world in boring and voluminous clothes!  After just a couple of weeks of magical Stasia style tips, daily selfies, and an amazing group of women cheering me on, I realized that dressing as the real me was liberating, empowering, and (gasp) flattering!  I looked good.  And I was having a total blast.  Now, I have a beautifully curated closet that makes getting dressed each day easy and best of all, FUN!  I feel much more confident and focused when I shop, and a renewed sense of excitement about style, clothing, and the personal power embedded therein.  Thank you thank you thank you Stasia!
Amy Hoffman

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