Stasia Savasuk

Did you have a baby last year and you’re not fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes just yet, and it’s got you feeling all kinds of crazy and defeated?
Are you a work-from-home entrepreneur who hasn't worn a bra in 4 days and is looking to up your style-game?
Or a stay-at-home momma who can’t seem to get out of her dang yoga pants... even though you're not practicing yoga?
Are you prepping for a big event – graduation, conference, or speaking engagement – where COURAGE, CONFIDENCE + CONGRUENCY are the only option?
Do you have TOO many clothes but absolutely NOTHING to wear? 


Ready for CHANGE?
Yea, I thought so. 



Stasia's Style School

Stasia's Style School is a 5-week online class that will teach you how to identify YOUR own personal and unique style so you can be the BRAVE, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL woman that you are... EVERY DAMN DAY!

No more headaches. No more heart ache. 
No more thinking your body is the problem. 
No more thinking that your outfit is "good enough."

The next session begins NOVEMBER 2018! You in?




Style SOS

Style SOS is a 1-hour, virtual styling session designed to get you out of panic mode, and into I AM HERE mode. 

Have you gained weight recently, and have some specific Q's for how to dress your NEW body?

Need some help outfit planning/packing for an upcoming event/conference/ceremony/holiday, where CONFIDENCE, COURAGE + CONGRUENCY are the only option?