Stasia Savasuk

This is STYLE SOS.
What's your Style Emergency?

Wouldn't it be nice to talk to a Style Coach for just one hour, to get your biggest most pressing style Q's answered? I mean, most of us WERE NOT TAUGHT THIS STUFF by any reputable source!  (I'm sorry, but fashion magazines don't count.)  I struggled for oh, just about my whole life, and oh.em.gee did my world OPEN UP when I got myself good and educated!

Style is NOT about getting dressed. STYLE is a FEELING. Getting dressed is an action. So none of that... "I'm not paying anybody to help me get dressed" nonsense. 

This one-hour, one-on-one style coaching session was designed for you if... 

  • you don't feel like YOU in any of your clothes

  • you've got a new body that you're not quite sure how to dress, and it's making you feel badly about yourself

  • you've got a BIG EVENT coming up and you have NO IDEA what to wear, and could use some guidance

  • you're heading out on vacation... or perhaps a week-long work conference, and the thought of packing is stressing you out

  • I know it's sounds cliche... but you've got a closet full of clothes, and absolutely NOTHING to wear

These are all solve-able, figure-out-able, overcome-able problems, and in one hour, we can set you straight with a made-for-you action plan so you can go about LIVING instead of fretting and feeling frumpy.

We can't cover ALL THE THINGS in one hour, (this isn't Stasia's Style School after all) but we CAN get you unstuck in one or two areas where you are STUCK.

Here are some things we could cover in one hour... 

  • begin the hard work of figuring out WHO YOU ARE on the inside, so that you can start wearing clothes that FEEL LIKE YOU on the outside

  • collect your body's measurement data, analyze it, and begin understanding what shapes, silhouettes, colors and textures work on YOUR body... and WHY

  • get your suitcase ready for your next big vacation/conference/expedition

  • choose an outfit for a special event you've got coming up where CONFIDENCE, COURAGE + CONGRUENCY are the ONLY option

Cost $199 (less than an outfit!)


After you book your session, I'll email you within 24 - 48 hours to ask you WHY you've signed up (I like to be prepared, and offer up pre-style-SOS-call exercises if applicable) and to schedule your session!  

I look forward to knowing you!  xo


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