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Hey local-to-Brattleboro friends! This is just for you!

Are you ready to fight the frump?

Are you ready to bust out – stop hiding – and let your soul shine through?

Yea!  Well, I’m ready too!  And you’re lucky, because I’m really really good at helping people match their inside to their outside… a little thing I like to call INSIDE-OUT CONGRUENCY.

There is a visible palpable energetic life-force change when we hit it.  It’s like magic.  And it’s POWERFUL!!


1.  You’ll fill out a Style Profile Questionnaire.  This is SUCH an important part of the journey, because it’s all about identifying and acknowledging your you-ness, your essence, your SOUL FIRE!  We'll also collect your body's measurement data and talk about what that means, so we're armed with insight before we step foot inside your closet. AND, we'll talk about your lifeSTYLE, because your clothes need to FIT not just your body, but how and where you move through life!

2.  Once the Style Profile has been returned to me, we’ll meet virtually for 1 hour, and we’ll dive head first into your Style Story.  I ask a whole lotta questions that seemingly have nothing to do with “style," but I can assure you, it's where all the magic lies!

3.  Then, we'll meet for three hours IN YOUR CLOSET!  We will:

  • study your body’s type, shape, texture, color, proportions – and I will teach you how to choose pieces that compliment, accentuate and glorify your beauty
  • try try try until we find that magic place of Inside-Out Congruency.  It takes a few iterations before we hit it perfectly, but then WOW, you’ll SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A NEW PENNY!  And you’ll feel it.
  • shop your closet, and create outfits out of what you already own
  • play model and photographer!  I will take digital snapshots of you in the outfits that we create so you won’t forget them later!
  • organize your closet (time permitting)
  • create a “wish list” of must-have pieces that are missing in your wardrobe
  • Identify you Power Accessory, and integrate it into your everyday style
  • make 4 action piles:  the fixers (need hemming, button sewed on, etc.), the to-be-consigned, the to-be-donated, and the to-be-stored

Cost: $400 (plus travel if you live outside of Brattleboro)


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"I now walk into my closet and I am excited. I feel at home there. Before, it was a place of shame and guilt. Full of nothing but THINGS. And those things had nothing to do with who I am. Just a bunch of stuff I could buy, so I did. I was paralyzed by my closet because I was stuck in my life.  I have always been afraid to have the spotlight on me, to reach my full potential. Scared of failure? Afraid of what would happen if I did succeed? Who knows! But cleaning out that stuff in my closet was one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had.  I can be ME!  Thank you, Stasia, for putting me on the right path to self discovery. I can not wait to see where I go from here-- but on the journey, I will have quite the fabulous outfits, thanks to you!!"  

Lisa Reisner, Closet Consultation