How To Turned 1 Summer Dress into 8 Fall Outfits.

The temperatures might be dropping but that does NOT mean it's time to put your summer dresses away for the season. Au contraire mon cheri! It just means it's time re-invent them! Today's post is going to be more pictorial than wordy, because the pictures speak for themselves.

I will say this though... the lighting stinks in my house, so the pictures are not A+ quality. That, and I'm using my iphone, duct taped to a tripod. I've been told my connect-ability and "popularity" will increase when my photo quality increases. But, that's just not happening, unless somebody gives me a new house on the correct side of the street with windows in just the right spot AND a volunteer steps forward to take my picture with their fancy camera.

Don't laugh. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


1. Throw a cardi over your summer dress, and accessorize! 


I have maybe 8 cardigans, a dozen scarves and stack of necklaces. If I mix and match, that's an opportunity for more than 80 different outfits right there! Get what I'm saying, here?

The key here is getting the RIGHT cardigan. I am a TRIANGLE, so I do best with a short cardi that hits me at or just below my natural waist line. I DON'T want the cardi to hit me on my hips (my widest part) because it will make my hips look W I D E... and it'll get hung up.

2. Layer a pullover sweater OVER your summer dress, and turn that baby into a skirt! 


I like skirts, but I LOVE to wear dresses as skirts, because then they don't get all turned around. Again - with my TRIANGLE shape, skirts tend to ride up (bigger bottom / smaller waist) so this is a magic solution.

Same deal here with sweater length... too long and I'll look all crazy-like. These are JUST the right length for my body shape.

3. Throw a jacket on OVER your summer dress... and ACCESSORIZE!

IMG_7682This gives me a WORLD of possibilities. I have a handful of different jackets, bunches of scarves and LOTS of jewelry. I'll NEVER need to wear the same outfit twice!!

4. Put a button down shirt over your summer dress.

IMG_7684 (1)

I usually do a front knot, but this time I decided to do two little side knots. I've got a handful of button up shirts. MORE outfit potential!

5. Throw on a blazer!

IMG_7688This is my new FAVORITE blazer. It's fancy... like, Armani fancy. Guess how much I paid for it?


It fits like a dream, and it takes pretty much anything and makes it PROFESH.


So there you have it! I used 1 DRESS and created 8 OUTFITS.

But really, I could wear this dress 100 more times and NEVER wear the same exact outfit twice, if I mix and match sweaters, cardis, jackets, blazers and accessories.

Itty-bitty wardrobe. GIGANTIC OUTFIT POTENTIAL. 

Keep out those summer dresses for a few more months and start layering!!

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xo Stasia