How to Wear Jeans + a T-shirt and still look CUTE!

I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal. Always have been. Probably always will be. In the past, before I figured out this whole style 'thang, my jeans and t-shirt look was... simple. It was comfortable, but it sure wasn't cute.

Comfortable used to be my litmus. The ONLY factor I considered when getting dressed. Then I discovered Inside-Out Congruency, and realized I was selling myself short.

OF COURSE I WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. I'm NOT a fan of pants that make my crotch hurt when I sit down, or shirts that I have to keep tugging on because the booby darts are fitting me in the wrong place.

So may I present to you my latest jeans and t-shirt combo, that is comfortable AND cute!

IMG_1835 IMG_1885

I'm wearing one of my FAV (comfy) t-shirts that I thrifted this summer.  It HAD a crewneck... until I ripped the neck out and made it a wee bit more edgy. Then I paired it with a (comfortable) fitted black blazer, sleeves rolled and collar popped, and slipped on my faaavorite no-muffin-top-here J.crew bootcut jeans.

I accessorized with a long necklace and a pair of my favorite Nickel & Suede earrings, but something was off. There was a lack of harmony between the tear drop shape of the earrings and the looooong necklace, so I swapped out the N&S earrings for these looooong Kerin Rose Galaxy Earrings and knew immediately I had a winner!  The long line of the necklace needed an accompanying long line.

But something was still off, so I studied my look in the mirror for a second and realized aha - the neckline on the tee was a little low and missed my high balance point (read HERE if you don't know what I'm talking about), so I layered on another necklace and voila... PERFECT!

I felt bold, confident, edgy and a little mysterious all day.  ;)  Oh, and comfortable.

Now do me a favor and scan over my outfit description above, noticing ONLY THE HIGHLIGHTED WORDS.

What do you see? When you get dressed in jeans and a tee, are you doing any of these quick 10 second steps? Could you imagine yourself doing them? What's holding you back? These are not rhetorical questions. Tell me in the comments.  xo

Style begins on the INSIDE, we all know that - but it's the little details of how we put things together on the outside that pull it all together.

If you're feeling wicked brave, show me YOUR BEST jeans and t-shirt look over on FB or Instagram and tag me!!

With Love & Gratitude, xo Stasia

(Yes, I froze my bippy off in the taking of this picture, but thankfully I spent most of my day INDOORS making play-doh snakes with ZZ so I was snug as a bug all day long.)