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Are you ready to STOP the culture of BODY SHAME?

Good, because what you're gonna find in Bikini Bootcamp is a paradigm shift. A new way of BEING in your today-body. A REVOLUTION.

In Bikini Bootcamp, we're not exercising our bodies to strengthen our abs + our asses.  NO WAY.
In Bikini Bootcamp, the only muscle we aim to strengthen is our BODY CONFIDENCE MUSCLE.
Because WE KNOW our bodies are already bikini ready.

What IS Bikini Bootcamp? And what can I expect?

Bikini Bootcamp is a 2 week online course designed to help strengthen your BODY CONFIDENCE MUSCLE, and set you on the path to BIKINI FREEDOM.  No more sitting on the sidelines, telling your kids you're too hot - too cold - too tired - too hungry - too ANYTHING, to play with them at the beach or pool.  Because you know what?  Kids are intuitive. You don't need to say A THING to say EVERYTHING.  In Bikini Bootcamp, our goal isn't simply to show up in our bathing suits, it's to move around FREE FROM BODY SHAME in our bathing suits. 

In Bikini Bootcamp, here's what we will do... 

  • Call a spade and spade, and recognize our part in the body shaming culture, because only THEN will "culture" begin to shift

  • Begin the practice of Renaming, Reframing and Unshaming the conversations we have WITH and about our bodies

  • PRACTICE seeing our bodies as BEAUTIFUL, instead of dissecting them through a lens of criticism and disappointment

  • Collect our body's data, and use the SUPER DETAILED, IMAGE FILLED, TIP RIDDEN reference guide I've created for you to begin shopping for a suit that will fit to flatter your today-body

  • Learn a "tame 'em and name 'em" strategy to put those negative-voices-inside-your-head-that-say-YOU-CAN'T-WEAR-A-BIKINI in their proper place

  • Put on a damn bikini, go to the beach, and rock the hell out of it, because you already have a bikini body

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Bikini Bootcamp?

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Because it is time for us to redefine what a beach-body looks like. The culture of body shaming has gotten so ugly - so big - so global, it is disconnecting women from their bodies at a time when they should feel FREE and WILD and UNTAMED.

When we shame ourselves, we shame our children.
When we shame ourselves, we shame our neighbors.
When we shame ourselves, we shame all women.


For most of my life, I was estranged from my body. We were NOT friends. I didn't understand it, know it, see it's beauty.  Five years ago I started learning about my body -- collecting it's data, getting familiar with it, looking in the mirror with curiosity instead of disgust. And bit by bit, my body-confidence grew.  After not wearing a true bathing suit for close to 15 years, I bought myself a tankini... the kind that covered me from my neck to my knees. I felt like I had WON BODY CONFIDENCE, because I was finally wearing a damn bathing suit.  Except I wasn't free from shame. I chose a suit that covered me from my neck to knees BECAUSE of shame.  Sure, the tankini got me in the water, which was fantastic, but I wasn't connecting with my kids, or myself, the way that I wanted to. I wasn't moving freely in my body.  I was stuck in my head, completely gripped by shame, moving cautiously and carefully on the beach, conscious of every wiggle and jiggle, pucker and dimple.  

And then I went to Mexico, and I experienced something I had NEVER experienced before. For the first time in my life, I was ashamed of my bathing suit, and NOT my body.

In Mexico I saw ALL THE BODIES on the beach. I saw big boobies and small boobies, big butts and small butts, big bellies and small bellies. And all the bodies were in BIKINIS!!  And I couldn't believe how FREE everybody looked, and how freely women moved in their bodies. These women were not hiding or covering up. They were PLAYING, RUNNING, JUMPING, EATING, LAUGHING. They were BEAUTIFUL and they were LIVING.

And that's when I decided I needed to stop dabbling in body confidence, AND START A DAMN BIKINI REVOLUTION.  It's hard to go it alone. It took me a lifetime of inside-by-head pep talks to go from being gripped-by-shame, to being gripped-by-shame-in-a-bathing-suit.  Hardly a victory if you ask me.  

Body confidence takes PRACTICE. It's not a one-and-done lesson. It's a muscle that needs to be continuously flexed.  And it is BEST DONE as part of a greater whole. A movement. AN UPRISING OF WOMEN WHO ARE SAYING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

I know it's cliche, but women-of-the-world, LET'S BE THE CHANGE. 


If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I’d EVER wear a bikini, I would have laughed in your face and said a resounding NO WAY! Then I would have inquired about your sanity. Bikini Bootcamp has shifted my perspective immensely on my own body-love and confidence. The BEST outcome of Bikini Bootcamp has been the joy in playing with my son and being fully present and feeling that childlike wonder and freedom. And feeling proud to show up in MY body and give myself and others permission to love their bodies openly and not hide away, wrapped in a cloak of body shame. No more shame, no more BS! We are all women of beauty - inside and out - and strength, intelligence, wisdom, heart and soul. We each deserve to feel great about ourselves and to build each other. The shaming stops with us. The revolution starts with us. Body shame was strong within me, but clearly not as strong as the part of me that wants more self love, fun, joy and freedom from body shame!
— Kylie

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Sign up for Bikini Bootcamp, Today!

One Payment. Two Weeks. TONS of material + support. $99.

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Whoa. This sounds amazing! Give me the deets!

  • Downloadable worksheets

On the first day of the course (Friday, June 15th), you will receive a comprehensive set of worksheets that will cover everything you need to begin your bikini search. The worksheets will include instructions on how to collect your body's data, with tips on how to use that data to find the right suit for your shape. 

  • Live Class Call

On Day 1 of this course, I will host a LIVE Class Call that will be filled to the brim with inspiration, motivation and EDUCATION. Most online mini-courses offer pre-recorded content. I've chosen NOT TO DO THAT for this course because I want to talk to YOU! I want you to know, without a doubt, that I've got your back, and I am 100% invested in seeing you move toward body freedom, and away from body shame. The call WILL BE recorded so watching live isn't necessary, BUT I want you to know my presence during the mini-course will be STRONG.

  • Body Positivity Bootcamp

Listen gals, finding the right suit for your shape is one thing. Having the courage to wear the damn suit IN PUBLIC is a whole 'nother ballgame. Courage takes practice. It takes a shift in perspective. Which is why you will receive 10 days of Body Positivity activities and exercises in your inbox BEFORE we even start trying on the suits. 

  • Shop-a-palooza

Once you've received all of the downloadable content AND watched the Live Class Call, you will have 10 days to shop before we convene together in our secret Facebook Group. This should give you ample time to gather together a variety of suits (without having to pay for expedited shipping) to try on, try on again, and then try on again, again and again before our bikini show and tell begins!  

  • Live Q+A Session

As  you move your way through the Bikini Bootcamp curriculum, engage in the Body Positivity exercises and begin the bikini-search, questions WILL emerge.  I will not leave you hanging.  Beginning on Day 1, you will be able to submit your Q's to me, and I will host two LIVE Q+A events during your Shop-a-palooza/Body Positivity week so that I can answer ALL of your Q's.  

  • Secret Facebook Group

I will open a secret Facebook group for THREE FULL DAYS of sharing. Yep, you heard me right.  We will be posting these photos into a secret FB group to celebrate our wins, ask for feedback, flex our brave muscle, and be IN COMMUNITY with other BIKINI REVOLUTIONARIES. Why, because a rising tide lifts all boats, and collectively, WE WILL BE THE RISING TIDE. You will not go this alone. If you can't show up in a group of wildly brave women of all shapes, ages, colors and sizes who are on the same journey that you're on, then how in hell are you gonna do it at the beach?!  

Just the practice of putting on suits, taking selfies, and getting used to seeing my body was worth the price of admission. I now am LOOKING for more opportunities to strut around in my bikini(s)—because I have THREE! I also really see that it is my gosh darn duty to get out there and be in my body for me, for my daughters, and for every other woman out there. You are right, Stasia, when we shame ourselves we shame others, but also, when we celebrate ourselves, we celebrate everyone else too!
— Amy H.

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Sign up for Bikini Bootcamp, Today!

One Payment. Two Weeks. TONS of material + support. $99.

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Some A's to your Q's

+ Protecting my skin is SUPER important to me. Do I HAVE to wear a bikini to join Bikini Bootcamp?

No. Bikini Bootcamp is WAY OF BEING, not a prescription. I don't care WHAT you wear on your body, so long as you're not wearing it out of shame. There was a time when I said I "chose" the tankini and skirt because I wanted to protect my skin. That was total BS. I chose the tankini and skirt because I wanted to hide my belly and my cellulite. I knew I was lying to myself when I STILL wouldn't wear a bikini at an indoor pool - in the middle of winter - at night.

One piece suits are ok. Tankinis are ok. Rash gaurds are ok. Hats are ok. You can wear a damn Kaftan if you want. I don't care. So long as you're not doing it out of shame.

+ I've never taken an online course before. Do you think I'll learn something?

Yes! Although Bikini Bootcamp is online, the course is very interactive. I have ushered over 500 women through my online course, Stasia's Style School, and I can assure you, these gals have LEARNED A TON! You have bucket loads of access to me, daily inspirations that will land in your inbox, live trainings, live Q+A sessions, and a private Facebook group to share your wins. This is a REVOLUTION, and I intend to walk side-by-side with you the entire way.

+I'm hoping to lose some weight this summer, should I wait until next year to join?

Hell no?! Bikini Bootcamp is about embracing your TODAY BODY, not your when-I-lose-5-pounds body. Our work as women is to KNOW that ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL BODIES. If WE can't know it, how in hell can we expect "society" to know it? WE ARE SOCIETY!! You are beautiful and worthy just as you are. Join Bikini Bootcamp, and I'll tell it to you over and over again.

And let me ask YOU a qestion. What would you say to your daughter if she said to you, "Mama, I don't want to go bathing suit shopping right now. First I want to lose 5 pounds, THEN I'll go to the beach with my friends." Heartbreaking, right? You deserve the same body-love that your baby girl deserves. xo

+I'm terrified of wearing a bathing suit. I hate my body. Is this the right course for me?

Well, that depends. How committed are you to breaking the culture of body shame? In Bikini Bootcamp, you need to be READY to do the work. This isn't a platform for you to brag about how your body is the worst body, or how your body is an impossible body. 1) Because I don't believe it. And 2) because when you body shame yourself, you body shame all the women around you. In Bikini Bootcamp, we are working to BREAK DOWN the culture of body shame - not revel in it. Do I think Bikini Bootcamp will be super easy for you? NOPE. Do I think you'll learn something. HELL YES. But you gotta promise to do the work. You might not come out of Bikini Bootcamp bathing suit ready, but you'll likely come out with a new perspective, and THAT is a beautiful beginning.

[All photos on this page by photographer extraordinaire, Lynne Bechard Photography]